A Holy Spirit Story

Well here goes my first weblog or blog as it’s commonly known.  I had to Google it to find that out.  What can I write that anyone wants to read?  I’m a speaker not a writer.  Give me a crowd of people and whether I’m prepared or not I generally can think of something to say.  I’m a storyteller.  So maybe I should just tell a story.

I once knew a man who had been a missionary for decades in a foreign country; he had worked hard and long with barely any results.  Not to far away there was another mission work that had started long after his had started but had more results and those much quicker.  Well this really got to my friend so he determined to go over and ask the new fellow what he was doing that produced such wonderful results.  So as he is talking with the new worker he asks him what the secret to his success is, what he is doing that is touching the people so profoundly.  The new worker tells him it’s nothing secret it’s just the power of God.  The old worker says there must be something more to it because he also believes in the power of God but nothing like what they are seeing has happened for him.  Well the new worker tells him to come back later and he will tell him what is happening.

My friend by this time is very anxious to hear what the secret is and goes back at the appointed time to hear what this young worker might say.  As it was told to me this was a very short meeting as the young worker simply told him it was the power of God through the Holy Spirit.  He told him it begins with believing that the Holy Spirit is a gift that’s available today and that he only needed to ask and receive to be filled.  He did, he did, and he too was filled and  was mightily used to touch many more lives at the end of his life than he had in the many years before receiving and the one telling the story was one.

~Michael Lechlitner


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