Expect The Unexpected

Let me tell you a story. Fella put in his notice at work. His new job sounded great. good benefits, decent pay, and good hours. But there was one problem. He couldn’t get a hold of anyone there. He called for a week, sometimes 20 times a day. He even went to the office and spoke to a worker there to figure out what was going on. They told him someone would call him soon. He’s still waiting for that call.

Now lets hear a biblical example. Man by the name of Joseph had 11 brothers who weren’t fond of him because their father doted on him. So they connived together one day to get rid of him. One day they ganged up on him, and sold him into slavery in the land of Egypt. They then told their father he was dead. Now Joseph, in the land of Egypt, remained faithful to the Lord God, praying and praising, giving thanks even in his situation, which he did not expect. And God prospered him to the point where he was second only to Pharaoh king of Egypt. From slave to Big-wig, by trusting and giving thanks to God, in a situation that he didn’t see coming.

Now, let me say this. Planning is a great thing. But sometimes, stuff happens in ways we don’t see coming, or want to happen. But they happen anyway, not because God willed it, or because He hates us, but because we live in a broken world. When those things happen, we can trust, or freak out. I’d personally prefer trust, especially after the Joseph story.



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