Stewarding Vision – Part 3

Let’s bring Paul back up.  Now, we do know he went away––almost directly––after he was converted into the wilderness and was taught by the Holy Spirit the things of the Lord.  There, I’m sure he prayed and fasted and sought the Lord.  There, he was prepared to do what the Lord had called him to do.  Then, when he returned from the wilderness, he sought out the disciples (a like-minded community).  All of these things were preparation and investments into what the Lord gave him vision for (pun intended).  

In my case, there are a number of preparatory steps that I am taking currently.  From reading books on the subjects of community, ministry, the Arts, business, and others to working at my craft––doing design work and writing/playing music.  I am taking steps to walk out my vision in excellence.  I’m trying to steward––hopefully well––the gifts and time I have been given to walk out my part of the bigger vision.

Let’s recap.  The stewardship of our visions (dreams and ideas that are over-arching themes to our lives) takes place in commitment––through beginning and persevering––and by doing it to the best of our abilities––excellence.

So, for those who have not started, I encourage you, start now.  Start with small things.  Start with the preparatory things.  If you’re afraid that this isn’t the “right” thing, continue praying, but I would say, start, and keep seeking the Lord on it.  He’ll direct and redirect you.  He’ll shut doors and open others.

For those who have begun their vision, I encourage you to keep going.  Battles are not won by those who quit, but by those who persevere.  Keep moving forward, keep pressing in.  If it seems dry and monotonous, that’s okay.  It is in those times that it may be the most difficult (especially in our generation and our culture which says, “Now! Now! Now!”).  If you’re experiencing a lot of push-back or hardship, that’s okay too.  Life is hard.  Surprised, eh?  Unfortunately, we sometimes are.  Our culture likes to teach us otherwise.  Even so, if the Lord has called you to this thing, He will provide.  Continue seeking Him.  Continue asking and listening.  Keep persevering.

I would encourage you to write out your over-arching vision and post it up somewhere so that you can see it.  And then write your piece of it down––the stuff that you’re doing now, or are working toward.  Vision gives hope.  Vision gives energy.  Keep moving.  In the end, it will be rewarding.  You will reap a harvest that is plentiful.

For everyone, practice, prepare, and pray.  Yes, prayer is a part of the preparation but you will need this more than anything else.  That is why I separated it.  Pray, pray, pray.  Develop your skill sets.  Get some education.  Prepare yourself for what the Lord has called you to do.

And remember, “Where there is no vision, the people perish” (Proverbs 29:18).

~Luke Anspach


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