About Us

Who are we?  That is an interesting question.  We are fathers, mothers, brothers, and sisters.  Sometimes we’re blood and sometimes we’re a friend.  Some of us are married, some of us are single, and we like it that way.  Sometimes we feed the poor, sometimes we feed the rich, sometimes we can only feed ourselves.  We have a tendency to go to church, sometimes we are a church, but we are always The Bride.  We follow Christ and the example he set forth.  We follow the Holy Spirit and all the crazy places he goes.  We follow the Father and give him our lives.  We believe in the gifts not because it’s cool or because of the happy feelings, but because we love seeing people set free and healed.  Our God is just that cool.  We live in an intentional community and have found that it isn’t always easy but has been worth it.  There are poets, writers, musicians, and artists among us.  We worship, we pray, we study, we pursue the heart of God.  Our lives are not our own, though our lives like to fight back sometime.  They’re tricky little buggers.  We fall and we get back up.  Ours is a noble pursuit and worth more than anything this world can offer.  We are loved much, therefor we love much.  Jesus is our hero.  We sometimes take in strays.  Life is sometimes hard, but God is bigger than our problems.

We are Achord Community.


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