we’ve been beaten
forced to kill or be killed
murdered in the name of a war
we care nothing for
a war we dont understand
or ever want to
no family
no friends
just midget wanna-be soldiers
carrying guns way too heavy
for our hearts
dog eat dog
we eat dog
or rat
or bird
or bug
whatever we can find
eaten raw
like our skin in this sun
and this god-forsaken heat
bend a knee
to the lord’s resistance army Continue reading


If I Have Not Love…I Am Nothing!

Pictures are worth a thousand words.  Sometimes it’s the things that aren’t said that mean more than the things that are.

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About a week ago, my wife, a couple friends, and I went into L.A. to eat some authentic ramen in Little Tokyo.  It was delicious and if you’re ever in L.A. make sure you visit Orochon Ramen.  You won’t regret it.  I digress.  As we pulled off the freeway and headed toward our destination, we just happened to pass by City Hall and the encampment for Occupy L.A. 

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There is much I don’t know about the occupy movement, but there are a few things I really love. Continue reading

…Life Together

I was going to write about how amazing my housemates are, about how “life together” with them is such a blessing and such a great example of what, i believe, God has always intended for us, as human beings, to experience.  I was going to write something witty and clever, something feel-good and heart-warming… but all i can think about is the video i just got done watching.  It was about Liberia.  Continue reading