Dying For Worship

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Secret Saints and Care Bear Pie

Wow! I cannot believe that it’s already December! It seems like just yesterday that it was my birthday (August), or the beginning of summer. It even seems weird that it’s already a year since last Christmas. And, of course, with the arrival of December comes what people still insist on calling the “holiday season.” Although I am seeing less and less evidence of “holiday spirit.” I work in retail, right? So I see greed pretty much every day. People coming and spending anywhere from $100 to $1,000 on things that they definitely do not need. They come in and say “Oh man, I really need to change the decor in my house!” Then they proceed to drop more money that I’ve ever seen at one time on frivolous and unnecessary things that they’ll probably just change out next year anyway. And don’t even get me started on Black Friday!
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About a week ago, my wife, a couple friends, and I went into L.A. to eat some authentic ramen in Little Tokyo.  It was delicious and if you’re ever in L.A. make sure you visit Orochon Ramen.  You won’t regret it.  I digress.  As we pulled off the freeway and headed toward our destination, we just happened to pass by City Hall and the encampment for Occupy L.A. 

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If Sleep Could Talk

beating about my brain
crushing my ribcage
stealing sleep
robbing me of rest
torture my pillow with tears
face the firing squad
and triumph!
dream on, my love
breathe on, my lungs
follow Me to freedom
and win!
take the road less traveled
make memories
and mistakes
seal your mark on the path youve chosen
shake foundations
and build something new
come, weary you
lay down your arms
and feet
rest well in knowing
your unknown
is My known well

…written November 17, 2011…


Expect The Unexpected

Let me tell you a story. Fella put in his notice at work. His new job sounded great. good benefits, decent pay, and good hours. But there was one problem. He couldn’t get a hold of anyone there. He called for a week, sometimes 20 times a day. He even went to the office and spoke to a worker there to figure out what was going on. They told him someone would call him soon. He’s still waiting for that call.
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I’ve been rereading Isaiah recently and those of you who know me know how much I love this book.  In the first few chapters it’s all about judgment, destruction, disaster and ruin.  Not an easy time in which to have lived yet in the midst of these chapters are nuggets of hope tucked away for those who would seek them out. Continue reading


Ok, as a music lover, and friend to many of the same, I’ve noticed a pattern.  Maybe you’ll know what I’m talking about.  Ever heard someone say, “Yeah, their just too mainstream for me,” when asked about a certain band?  A certain band that based on their preferences, you would assume they’d love.  A band that you love, and you know just how great they really are.   You’re shot down based on a reaction to what the world around them says rather than how they really feel about it.  This is the opposite of the traditional- denying you like something based on the fact that it’s not considered cool.   It is a trendy elitist attitude of “The masses find it appealing- so I’m over it”.  Bottom line- it’s reactionary. Continue reading

Mountains of Risk

Several years ago, someone mentioned to me that I should start blogging as a way to communicate.  I had no frame of reference for doing such a thing except journaling, which I considered to be private and definitely not on the Internet for all to read.  Now…this generation puts it all out there and is bringing my generation along for the ride.  My house community is very much into blogging.  Most of them have their own individual blogs in which they share their interests, their passions and dreams.  They use it to challenge, convict and encourage their followers.  Now they have requested that I be apart of our community blogs..  I wonder how many times I will rewrite, rethink, reprocess what I blog.  They seem to do it so easily…me…not so much.  So bear with me as I try…=) Continue reading

But, It’s Not My Passion…

It’s a phrase we hear all around us.  We hear it at work.  We hear it in homes.  We hear it at church.  We hear it in schools.  If it doesn’t make me feel good, or fulfill me in some way, it’s not worth doing well.  This isn’t about things being hard or easy, it’s about feelings. Continue reading