Stewarding Vision – Part 2

I would like to suggest two ways: commitment and excellence.

I think part of our act of stewardship is committing to our piece of the vision.  Commitment has two parts.  The first is starting.  Going out on a limb, taking risks, and actually taking the first steps to “doing” it is the first part of commitment.  Continue reading


Stewarding Vision – Part 1

Over the past six days, I have had the privilege of being able to come out and visit everyone here at Achord.  It has been great to see each person again and talk with them about vision, what God is doing, and where God is leading them.  As Mike would say, “It’s an exciting time to be alive.”  I couldn’t agree more.   Continue reading

If Sleep Could Talk

beating about my brain
crushing my ribcage
stealing sleep
robbing me of rest
torture my pillow with tears
face the firing squad
and triumph!
dream on, my love
breathe on, my lungs
follow Me to freedom
and win!
take the road less traveled
make memories
and mistakes
seal your mark on the path youve chosen
shake foundations
and build something new
come, weary you
lay down your arms
and feet
rest well in knowing
your unknown
is My known well

…written November 17, 2011…