we’ve been beaten
forced to kill or be killed
murdered in the name of a war
we care nothing for
a war we dont understand
or ever want to
no family
no friends
just midget wanna-be soldiers
carrying guns way too heavy
for our hearts
dog eat dog
we eat dog
or rat
or bird
or bug
whatever we can find
eaten raw
like our skin in this sun
and this god-forsaken heat
bend a knee
to the lord’s resistance army Continue reading


A Poetic Foray

He suffered on the cross so His children could be free
From what we think is good, but from which we should flee.
He sees the selfishness that hides in every man,
And even so, he smiles, and takes us by the hand.
He was as we are, a man of flesh, and blood, and bone.
And in His promise, we too shall sit upon a throne.

~Logan Cenova

If Sleep Could Talk

beating about my brain
crushing my ribcage
stealing sleep
robbing me of rest
torture my pillow with tears
face the firing squad
and triumph!
dream on, my love
breathe on, my lungs
follow Me to freedom
and win!
take the road less traveled
make memories
and mistakes
seal your mark on the path youve chosen
shake foundations
and build something new
come, weary you
lay down your arms
and feet
rest well in knowing
your unknown
is My known well

…written November 17, 2011…