Interesting View Change

I’ve been reading the Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren as part of my devotional time.  In this book there is a chapter about why we are here, on earth.  The book states that we are here for God’s pleasure, not our own.  Which is true, by the way.  Continue reading


One of the Seven Deadlies

Sloth weighs a man down
Better than a hundred stones
It only lowers.
Sloth: noun, habitual disinclination to exertion; indolence; laziness.

Hi! My name is Logan. I am lazy. I have a habitual tendency towards avoiding or putting off work. Probably not the blog intro you were expecting, but, regardless, it is fact. So, that being said, how is this related to Jesus or the Bible in any way? Well, keep your pants on and I’ll tell you! Sheesh.

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