Mountains of Risk

Several years ago, someone mentioned to me that I should start blogging as a way to communicate.  I had no frame of reference for doing such a thing except journaling, which I considered to be private and definitely not on the Internet for all to read.  Now…this generation puts it all out there and is bringing my generation along for the ride.  My house community is very much into blogging.  Most of them have their own individual blogs in which they share their interests, their passions and dreams.  They use it to challenge, convict and encourage their followers.  Now they have requested that I be apart of our community blogs..  I wonder how many times I will rewrite, rethink, reprocess what I blog.  They seem to do it so easily…me…not so much.  So bear with me as I try…=)

I was talking with a friend of mine just the other day and she used the phase, “Don’t be afraid of the Mountains of Risk”.  I have since done a lot of thinking about that phase.  I have no problem picturing the mountains because I am so blessed to have a range of mountains just outside my window.  They raise up out of the middle of nowhere, majestic, one right after the other; their peaks seem to hit the sky and fall into the ground.  You can see the stones and cliffs that glisten in the sun.  In the winter time there is snow on the highest peaks and the sunsets over the mountains are unbelievable.  When there is a storm coming up, the clouds seem to nestle in the cracks and valleys giving a very cold and eerie picture.  At night, the different colored lights at the base and part way up twinkle against the darkness, almost like stars.

But what does all that have to do with “Mountains of Risk”?  Risk is defined as: the chance of injury, damage or loss; to expose or risk as to risk ones life.  I have found that most of us do not like that word, let alone the idea of it.  We shy away or even run from it, depending on the situation!!  We look at all the options before even considering risking.  We like a sure thing, having all our ducks in a row, knowing what the outcome will be, the odds have to be in our favor before we are willing to take a chance.  Interesting, the definition of chance is:  a risk or gamble, a unpredictable event, a opportunity, a possibility or probability.  Both deal with the unknown and an uncertain outcome.

I wonder…how does this relate to Jesus saying, “Come and follow me”?  What about his teachings… do not worry about what you eat, drink or wear?  Follow me.  Sell everything and give to the poor.  Follow me. Let the dead bury the dead.  Follow me…etc…etc…etc.  What about those statements speak of safe and secure?

The mountains while beautiful and majestic from a distance hold lots of uncertainties and unknowns.  They hold the chance of injury, damage or loss…to expose, as to even risk ones life…but they also hold lots of opportunities, and possibilities.  I have found over the years that following Christ is exactly that…unknown and the outcome is definitely uncertain.  So is living or choosing to be a part of a community.

As a community, we have decided to climb…choosing to see the possibilities and desiring to seize the opportunities.  We have risked everything to be a part of this endeavor.  What will you do with your “Mountains of Risk”…sit at the base and gaze up at the mountains…or will you take a chance and climb?

Do we understand the definitions of risk and chance??  You have no idea… but…I still say…do not be afraid of the “Mountains of Risk”.

~Kathy Lechlitner


One thought on “Mountains of Risk

  1. So much to ponder! Beautifully written!!!
    Years ago I read: “Thou wilt show me the path of life. In they presence is fulness of joy. At thy right hand are peasures forevermore.”

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